04/03/2020 (Covid-19 update) 

For the safety of our crafters, and in keeping with the “Shelter In Place” order issued by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, the Paper Moon is not available for retreats for the month of April 2020. Thanks to our group leaders, all April retreats are being rescheduled to dates later in the year.

We do not know how long this shelter in place situation will last, but we do know that we take your safety seriously.  Our clean and prep person is also sheltering in place for her and her family’s safety.

We think it prudent for groups having retreats in May to look at our calendar just in case it becomes necessary to reschedule.  We also want to thank everyone for doing their best to reschedule rather than cancel their retreat. This will definitely help us make it through this situation and still have a retreat to offer when the coast is clear. Be safe!

Peggy & Lyle

04/8/2020 (Covid-19 update)

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has extended the shelter-in-place order through April 30th. This now includes all “short term vacation rentals” – which would be us! We will continue to provide updates as this pandemic continues. Stay safe!

Peggy & Lyle

04/30/2020 (Covid-19 Update)

We will be reopening for retreats on May 29th now that the shelter-in-place order has expired.

While we can do everything that is practical to make sure the chalet is clean when your group arrives, we cannot be there to check and make sure your group members are healthy.  So, it is important that you insure that all of your group members are healthy, and that they bring their own masks and hand sanitizer for their use.  We will have Lysol Disinfectant Spray in the kitchen and Antibacterial Hand Soap for your use.

As always, thank you for your patience and continued support of our little retreat.

Peggy & Lyle


You may have noticed that we’re not accepting any reservations for retreats beyond March 29, 2021. We have decided that after 6 years of operating the Paper Moon as a retreat chalet, it’s time for us to move permanently into retirement. But, until then, we will continue to provide you with the best little crafting retreat in Georgia

Peggy & Lyle